Is medicinal cannabis legal?

Medicinal cannabis legality varies from country to country. In Australia, medical cannabis is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and requires a government approval and prescription from a doctor. Please see the website materials for Australian patients and health care professionals, which provide further details regarding which products can be legally accessed. Patients in other countries are advised to contact their relevant ministry of health to determine legal status.

Who can access medicinal cannabis?

In Australia, patients can be prescribed medicinal cannabis by registered medical practitioners through the Special Access Scheme B (SAS-B) or the Authorised Prescriber Scheme (AP). 

What is the practical difference between medicinal cannabis and illicit cannabis?

CanndeoCare recommends that you consult with your physician to determine if cannabis is right for you and to obtain a prescription-only cannabis medicine. This will ensure that you obtain a medicine that is effective, consistent, stable, and has accurate amounts of THC and CBD. Unlike illicit cannabis, prescription cannabis medicines are manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards and come with certificates of analysis for each batch that list the concentration of active ingredients and detail the presence of harmful contaminants, like heavy metals, pesticides and germs.

What if my doctor says “no” to medicinal cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis may not be appropriate for everyone, and your doctor may explain why medicinal cannabis is not appropriate for your particular condition. If your doctor is not comfortable prescribing medical cannabis, ask if he or she would be willing to refer you to a specialist with expertise in prescribing medicinal cannabis. Other healthcare professionals including pharmacists may also offer advice on locating doctors who have experience in prescribing medicinal cannabis.

How much medicinal cannabis should I take?

The dose of medicinal cannabis depends on the medical condition, the individual, and the concentration of active cannabinoids in the medicine. Your doctor will advise you and implement a treatment plan. The general dosing advice is to start with a low dose, and slowly increase this over time until optimal effect is achieved.

Can I take medicinal cannabis alongside other prescription medicines?

CanndeoCare provides product information to health care professionals through its CanndeoCare™ Portal. This information includes drug-drug interactions and other prescribing considerations.  Information is also available to patients in the Consumer Medicine Information leaflet for each individual product. This leaflet is available through your doctor. Your doctor will be best placed to guide your use of medicinal cannabis alongside other medications.

Can I drive while taking medicinal cannabis?

The use of medicinal cannabis does not exempt patients from impaired driving regulations. In particular, elevated levels of THC in the bloodstream may cause drivers to be in breach of local driving regulations (this is the case in Australia). Consult with your healthcare professional on how to remain compliant with driving regulations while taking medicinal cannabis.

Does medicinal cannabis have side effects?

As with all medicines, cannabis medicines can produce side effects and it is not for everyone. Information regarding possible side effects are listed in the Product Information and Consumer Medicine Information available to doctors. The use of medicinal cannabis alongside other medications should be discussed with your doctor as part of a treatment plan.