About Canndeo

Canndeo is an Australian company established in 2016. Its aim was and continues to be to produce affordable pharmaceutical grade cannabis medicines for patients.

Joining The Hydroponics Company (now THC Global Group) in late 2016 and successfully raising funds to commence a medicinal cannabis business, Canndeo has established the supply of a range of products for patients in Australia and overseas.

Since its formation, Canndeo has secured R&D, cultivation and manufacturing licences under Australian Government regulations for medicinal cannabis, and has received the necessary permits for the commercial production of medicinal cannabis.

Canndeo’s sister company, THC Pharma Pty Ltd, has also secured a cannabis manufacturing licence and production permit for its GMP certified bioextraction facility in Queensland. The facility is the largest in Australia and is built to pharmaceutical standards.

The farm to pharma production process involves controlled greenhouse cultivation in Queensland and New South Wales. This provides access to sunlight and ensures moderate costs of growing while not compromising plant quality.  Raw material is then processed by THC Pharma to GMP pharmaceutical standards.

Together, Canndeo and THC Pharma are finalising production of a wholly Australian, GMP certified, medicinal cannabis range for patients in Australia, and extending this to patients overseas.

In 2020, Canndeo will supply a range of THC and CBD medicinal grade products. A projected increase in the scale of its operations will improve the affordability of this expanding range of cannabis medicines.